Software-Defined Networking — Evolution or revolution?

When: Tuesday, 2013-Apr-30, 11h30-12h00
Where: FCUL-DI, room C6.3.38
Presenter: Diego Kreutz

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) looks to be the new norm in wireline and wireless networks. We are moving from static and proprietary communication infrastructures to open, dynamic and programmable networks. Three of the main key facets of this new world are openness, flexibility and a new pace for innovation. This small talk is an overview of SDN, highlighting also aspects of the evolution and revolution it is causing to the networks as we know. For instance, to a certain extend, the history of operating systems (e.g. GNU/Linux) is happening now at the network infrastructure domain. Furthermore, some ideas of challenges, open issues and upcoming solutions (needed or fostered by the market and academy) and opportunities will be discussed.

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