As the DI-Smalltalks series restarts in this 1st semester of 2014/2015, we introduce a new recommendation for “abstracts” (a.k.a. “small-abstracts”), as a further step to promote the “smalltalks” concept (concise, informal, interactive, …). The following items, taken from, are ordered by importance (most important first):


  1. write it with less than 101 words (if it is larger, the readers may become doubtful about the “small” in “Smalltalk”);
  2. say what you will do in this specific presentation and what is your goal, e.g., “In this smalltalk, I/we will …” (rather than being a copy-paste of a paper abstract);
  3. say how you will promote interaction with the audience and what the audience will learn by coming to your presentation (e.g., “I will ask suggestions from the audience about…” or “we will engage in a brainstorming to obtain ideas…”).

Note: to compensate the short size, we can include an external link to a related paper or longer abstract.

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