Reconfigurable Hardware: Design flow and Applications

When: Wednesday, 2014-Apr-30, 11h30-12h00
Where: FCUL-DI, room C6.3.38
Presenter: Ricardo Pinto

The ability to design and implement digital circuits to perform specific functions with considerable speedups at low costs has driven the development of reconfigurable logic devices. Reconfigurable hardware is an enabler technology in several domains, and Informatics is no exception, with the curriculum of most Computer Engineering degrees having a component focused in digital circuit design and applications. The development and implementation of current digital logic circuits has many similarities with the development of software, requiring skills similar to the ones required for parallel and concurrent programming. There are, however, some fundamental differences which can be eerie to people with software-only background. In this SmallTalk an overview of reconfigurable hardware will be given, ranging from the applications to the flow used for designing, implementing and testing digital logic systems. Some applications will be presented, together with an historical perspective on the development of reconfigurable devices.

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