Brokered ID — a killer app for S2PC?

When: Tuesday, 2015-May-19, 11h30-12h00
Where: FCUL-DI, room C6.3.38
Presenter: Luís Brandão

Abstract: Secure two-party computation allows two parties to compute functions of their combined inputs, while retaining privacy of the inputs. Progress in recent years has improved up to a practical level the efficiency of this functionality. And now what? In what applications is S2PC going to find its way in the real world? In this DI-Smalltalk I will ask for ideas of practical applications of S2PC and will talk about brokered identification as a candidate context where a small S2PC can be used to solve a big privacy problem.

About the presenter: Ph.D. student at FCUL-DI and CMU-ECE

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